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Jets-Patriots Beat Chiefs-Oilers '94 Playoff Game In TV Ratings

I noticed some news from the NFL come across the ticker this afternoon -- the Jets-Patriots game on Sunday became the most-watched divisional playoff game in NFL history. That's pretty incredible to think about.

What's even more incredible is what Joe Montana did for the Chiefs.

The three most watched divisional playoff games start with the Jets-Patriots on Sunday followed by the Cowboys-Panthers in '97 and in third place it's Joe Montana's Chiefs against the Oilers in the '94 divisional playoffs.

Chiefs-Oilers averaged 41.1 million viewers then and Jets-Patriots had 43.5 million on Sunday.

The Jets-Patriots includes the NY market, the Cowboys are the most popular NFL team and then there's Montana against Moon.

I guess I didn't realize how popular the Chiefs were with Montana. I can't imagine what today's media coverage of those Chiefs would be.

Oh, and the Chiefs won that day -- and they haven't won a playoff game ever since.

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