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Brandon Carr Takes A Hit With Loss Of NFL's Performance-Based Pay System

We went through a strange year in the NFL because of the lack of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement next year. There were different rules affecting the salary cap, restricted free agency and even the NFL's performance-based pay system, which is a system the NFL has in place to supplement the salaries of guys who played a lot for (relatively) little money.

Basically, a lot of late round draft picks that are starters -- like Brandon Carr -- are supplemented for playing a lot of snaps at a low salary. Before the season, we noted the Kansas City Chiefs cornerback would likely be one of the big losers under the evaporation of the league's performance-based pay system.

Pro Football Talk brought up the loss of that system this morning and noted the incredible amount of money that won't be paid out this year. Last year, it was $109.5 million and the past eight years combined was over $600 million.

The program is no longer in place which means Carr won't see a postseason bump like he's had the last two years. He collected an extra $260,000 in each of his first two years in the league.

All the more reason for the league and the union to get a deal done.

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