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NFL Playoffs: Tony Gonzalez Misses Another Chance At First Postseason Win

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I've been a Chiefs fan for over 20 years and come across one, maybe two, Hall of Fame careers. Tony Gonzalez is one of those careers and I remember draft day, his first playoff loss, his trade to the Atlanta Falcons, and so on.

Unfortunately, he may end his career without a playoff victory.

After going 0-3 with the Chiefs in the playoffs, Gonzalez and the Atlanta Falcons were blown out by the Green Bay Packers on Saturday night. To make matters worse, TG was a non-factor and left the game with a knee injury.

By the end of February, he'll be 35 years old with one more year left on his contract. Though this was by far his worst season in over a decade, I think he'll be back with Atlanta. That gives him one more chance to get that playoff victory.

But that does show us that TG's career is coming down to the wire here. It's pretty amazing to think about that after what we've seen from him the last 13 years. As a fan, the playoff winless streak dating back to 1994 has been painful so I think I can identify with some of what TG is feeling (though I sit on a couch while he plays).

It's too bad he couldn't get that win on Saturday.

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