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Kansas City Chiefs 2010 NFL Draft Selections Were As Advertised

It's not very often that grading an NFL draft immediately after it's over ends up being accurate. So many things can happen between draft day and the next year to change how a draft class is viewed.

But it appears all the praise the Kansas City Chiefs received following the 2010 NFL draft was correct.

Draft guru Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News went back and re-graded the 2010 NFL draft -- the Chiefs' grade barely changed from an A+ to just an A.

I'd say most folks pretty much nailed the Chiefs draft class immediately following the selections. The buzz was that they were good character guys that wouldn't cause problems, would work hard and be able to transition into the NFL relatively easily. That was pretty much the case with most of them.

Eric Berry was an impact player in year one and Javier Arenas returned kicks all year though his production seemed to drop after the a hot start. Dexter McCluster is a guy that, to me, has yet to live up to what he can really do in the league and while folks said Tony Moeaki would be a solid player, I'm not sure they realized he'd be playing like a five-year veteran so quickly. And then you have someone like Kendrick Lewis who we heard was a good player but didn't think he would be starting to quickly.

As @ChiefsPR points out, only the Patriots had more game started by a rookie (57) than the Chiefs (51).

As a blogger, this takes away a lot of offseason story ideas for us. If you can't second guess the draft, what do we talk about in the offseason?

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