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NFL's TV Numbers Show Difficulty Of Selling Tickets

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The NFL is at the height of its popularity and the 2010 TV numbers clearly back that up. To put it simply, the NFL's TV numbers are staggering. This is the most popular event on TV and it's not even close.

NFL games were the 19 most watched programs this fall, up from 11 last year. ABC's Dancing With The Stars tied the Packers-Patriots Sunday Night Football game on Dec. 19 as the 19th most viewed program. They also hold 28 of the top 30 spots. Locally, it was the highest rated program 90 percent of the time. Incredible.
The NFL set a new record this year reaching 207.7 million unique viewers -- a new record. The average NFL game had 17.9 million viewers which is an increase of 1.3 million from last year and the highest since 1989 (before viewers had more choices on TV).

FOX, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network had their highest viewed NFL regular seasons ever while CBS had its best in two decades. ESPN's Monday Night Football holds 14 of the top 15 spots for the most watched basic able shows in 2010. The one spot they're missing? The Pro Bowl (on ESPN).

I think there are several things at play here. First, the economy still isn't perfect so not everyone can afford tickets to the game. I'm sure the Chiefs got bit by some of that this year when trying to sell out Arrowhead.

That's a problem the NFL didn't create but they did create another one. The NFL is so entertaining on TV -- as you can see -- that it's not worth heading to the stadium for some folks. It'll be interesting in the coming years to watch the rise of watching games on TV vs. buying a ticket and going to the stadium. It's a legitimate issue the Chiefs will have to combat in order to get folks out to Arrowhead.

Also, I couldn't get through an entire story like this without mentioning my labor line -- I don't care how a new labor deal is done, but with this popularity, it would be a travesty if the two sides couldn't get something done and I would blame every single person involved.

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