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Will Kansas City Chiefs Fans See Shaun Smith Next Year?

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The Kansas City Chiefs season is over which means we're transitioning into talk about which players will stay and which will go. DE Shaun Smith is one of those guys whose contract is up and whose future we're unsure of. 

I think we know what most of the fan base thinks about Shaun Smith. 

He was unknown entering the season and someone we didn't even figure would fit into future plans and ended up being a critical piece of the puzzle. Those are guys you root for and guys the fans want to keep around. He's also shown the most personality of any of the players I remember this year which as a blogger we appreciate.

At defensive end, the Chiefs have Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson under contract next year and Wallace Gilberry will be another guy they think about bringing back.

If Smith is back -- which we're hoping he is -- then it'll be interesting to see how that affects the development and playing time for Jackson, who was the third overall pick in 2009. The Chiefs rotated quite a bit this year so I imagine they'd have a similar plan next year but if Jackson makes a Dorsey-like leap in year three then the Chiefs could (again) have a very good set of defensive ends. 

So what do you think about Shaun Smith? How does he fit into the Chiefs plans?