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Chiefs Fans Can Likely Cross Larry Fitzgerald Off Wishlist

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With the loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL playoffs, the Kansas City Chiefs season is over. We're disappointed and frustrated but we're moving on and included in moving on is looking at the roster and figuring out ways to improve it.

One of the most common positions for which you'll see Chiefs fans screaming for an upgrade is receiver. The Ravens game made that pretty clear to us.

So it's natural that we've thought about -- dreamed, really -- what it would be like to acquire Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald. Todd Haley has a relationship with him and he's the best player in the league at his position and is about to enter the final year of his contract. I understand why fans were (and are) interested in him but I think most of us knew it was highly unlikely to happen.

If there ever was a chance, it's probably going to turn into the non-existent variety soon. ESPN and the Arizona Republic reported over the weekend that Fitzgerald and the Cardinals have begun talks on a contract extension. If they can work something out, that means Fitz will likely be staying in Arizona for the time being.

As there is every offseason, we'll become attached to one player that the Chiefs have to get. It just probably won't be Larry Fitzgerad.

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