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What Problems For The Chiefs Did The Ravens Expose?

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It seems that anytime a team suffers a big loss you can look back at that game and identify your major flaws. For the Indianapolis Colts after their Super Bowl last year, it was the offensive line that got the blame and they added pieces there. For the Chiefs last year, it was speed everywhere so they added some wheels in the offseason.

So I'm wondering the problem -- or problems --  that were exposed in the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Here are a few I saw:

Keeping Jamaal Charles fresh. After seeing Jamaal Charles get beat up in the Ravens game, I'd say keeping Thomas Jones or finding another back to split carries with him is a necessity. The Chiefs focus on the running game was the right move this year and continuing that momentum into 2011 is key. They can only do that when guys are healthy and fresh. 

Getting another receiver. I think this was evident in the Chiefs loss. They need another receiver. Dwayne Bowe was double covered much of the game and, as has been the case all year, when Bowe is taken out of the game, the Chiefs passing game crumbles. As an example of the Chiefs need for a receiver, look no further than Kevin Curtis, signed on Wednesday, getting the nod over Chris Chambers. This is the number one priority I took out of this game. 

Find out how to use Dexter McCluster. We went the entire season without figuring out how McCluster will be used. We thought he'd be a slot receiver, a running back or a trick play guy. As far as I can tell, he was a decoy much of the season (when he was healthy). McCluster has the speed to be a weapon. The Chiefs just have to figure out how to use him.

Those were the holes that stood out to me. The Chiefs had other issues along the way but, for the most part, they just got beat by a better team. I can see the argument for offensive line changes but, to me, that wasn't a huge part of the problem on Sunday.

What problems were exposed on Sunday that the Chiefs need to focus on moving forward?