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Charlie Weis To Florida Expected To Be Announced Monday

It's all but official: Charlie Weis is leaving the Kansas City Chiefs and will become the next offensive coordinator at the University of Florida. The Associated Press reports Weis has agreed to take the job and an announcement is expected Monday.

The Chiefs have yet to formally acknowledge the move though Todd Haley didn't deny it at his Friday press conference.

This has set the Chiefs up for a bizarre situation. Weis is expected to coach into the playoffs though Florida will make it official before then. This can't be how the Chiefs hoped to begin playoff week. It'll be interesting and important to see how the team responds on the field to some of the chaos going on off of it.

Weis made it slightly less than a year in Kansas City. Though we've yet to hear any confirmation from Weis on the reasons for his exit, his son is also headed to Florida as well. There are also reports that there were issues working with Todd Haley.

For now, the Chiefs need to pick up the pieces and move on. But moving forward they'll have to make plans for a new offensive coordinator for the third time in the Todd Haley era.

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