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Kansas City Chiefs Front Seven Evaluation: NFL Week 16


Happy New Year, everyone!  I'm here to bring you the KPM for the Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs game last week.  The defense played very, very well this week, and several players continued their hot streaks.  As always, the rating system is located here.  Let's get to it!


  •   48.1% of the time, the Chiefs were in the base 3-4 defense.

  • 51.9% of the time, the Chiefs were in the nickel formation.

  • 20.3% of the time, the Chiefs blitzed a linebacker or safety.

  • Right off the bat, DJ with a great play to follow Shaun Smith to the gap and stop the running back for no gain. A little help from Vrabel stepping in as well.

  • Second defensive play, Dorsey plows through a double team and eats the fullback. He doesn't get his hands on the running back, but forces him to cut towards a waiting Tamba.

  • The biggest change I notice in this week's defense is how much DJ is playing a spy on the running back. That has been one of my biggest complaints about the linebacking corps, so to see a focus on this aspect pleases me.

  • Tamba is doing an excellent job of keeping his gap and making sure the running back doesn't get a free running lane thus far.

  • Great tandem rushing by Tamba and Studebaker to stop the Titans on their first drive. Tamba beat his man (got held from behind) and forced the quarterback to sidestep away from him. Studebaker made a cut back to beat his man and got the sack.

  • DJ got his speed on! Great pass breakup 35 yards down the field on a wide receiver. He was step-for-step and got his hand out for the swat.

  • Another great play by DJ to blow through the gap that Tyson left him and stop the running back behind the line of scrimmage with a little help from Berry. Great execution of a 3-4 defensive end/linebacker combo there.

  • Shaun Smith and DJ blow up ANOTHER play. It's 2nd and short for the Titans, and they run at the strong side. Edwards commands a double team, and Shaun Smith gets past his man. Shaun gets a hand on the running back and forces a negative step. DJ shoots the gap and makes the big tackle for loss.

  • The very next play, DJ covers the slot wide receiver and again goes step for step, forcing an incompletion. #56 showed up to play in a big way today.

  • Bad job, Jovan. Belcher had the quarterback dead to rights on a blitz and simply whiffed with an arm tackle. Collins then threw a long bomb that resulted in a touchdown. It should've never left the quarterback's hand.

  • Berry's INT was great work up front to force it. The Chiefs blitzed, and Tamba pressured the quarterback, forcing him to throw it off of his back foot. On the run back, Studebaker had a crucial block to make sure Berry got in. Tamba and Studebaker get the "Touchdown Assist" KPM points.

  • DJ starts off the 2nd half right where he left off: with great coverage. Jovan and DJ force a checkdown and DJ lays a hit that forces a dropped pass.

  • Tyson plays huge again! Early in the 2nd half, the Titans call a run play to the weak side of the formation. Dorsey and Smith collect double teams and form a giant wall. Tamba seals the edge, and the running back starts to cut back into the play. Tyson knifes through his man and stands the running back up behind the line of scrimmage. That one was all defensive line.

  • Cory Greenwood sighting! Greenwood lined up as a second ILB in the nickel (subbed in for Studebaker) and covered the running back well, resulting in a 3rd down incompletion.

  • Shaun Smith gets called for a personal foul for taking a parting shot at a lineman. Can't do that, Deep Freeze.

  • The very next play, Shaun gets called on one he shouldn't have been. Belcher blitzes, and both Shaun and Jovan get pressure on the quarterback. Collins throws an interception, but the referees call an awful shady roughing the passer penalty on Smith. I disagree with this. Should have been an INT for Lewis.

  • Berry just quit on the Titans second touchdown. That is atypical from him.

  • Glimpses of Dorsey as a killer late in the 3rd quarter. He knifed through two offensive linemen for a sack before the quarterback could even get through his dropback. Great play, Glenn.

  • The very next play, Romeo blitzed Jovan, and Jovan got his hands on the ball coming out of the quarterback's hand. It popped up, and Vrabel did a great job to knock down a potential completion.

The KPM's:

Glenn Dorsey

Dorsey had himself a great day.  He recorded a sack and was in the backfield several times, creating problems for the opposition.  He also commanded double teams well this week.


Overall KPM: 18 Points

Snaps: 50

KPM/Snap: 0.360


Tyson Jackson


Tyson killed it this week!  He was a force, with two tackles for loss, lots of double teams, and shifted the line over so Dorsey and Vrabel had more freedom to make plays.  He also recorded an even 1 KPM/Snap for 15 snaps.  That's great work!


Overall KPM: 15 Points

Snaps: 15

KPM/Snap: 1.000

Ron Edwards

Ron's was less of a factor this week, but he didn't do anything negatively.  Two double teams is all he recorded.


Overall KPM: 4 Points

Snaps: 18

KPM/Snap: 0.222

Wallace Gilberry

After a great game last week, Wallace had a bit of a down one.  Only one quarterback pressure this week, and a couple gaffes in the run game resulted in a score not befitting his play recently.


Overall KPM: 3 Points

Snaps: 32

KPM/Snap: 0.094

Shaun Smith

Shaun was quite the force this week as well.  Personal fouls notwithstanding, he did a great job of getting into the backfield and disrupting the play for the snaps he was involved in.


Overall KPM: 10 Points

Snaps: 22

KPM/Snap: 0.455



Mike Vrabel


Vrabel played much better than he has in previous weeks.  He had a pass break up and two tackles for no gain.  Not great, but good.


Overall KPM: 6 Points

Snaps: 26

KPM/Snap: 0.231


Tamba Hali


Tamba did it again!  A sack, a couple quarterback pressures, two holding penalties forced, and a couple of gaps filled in a very good day.  He was strong against the run and the pass, and played a very solid complete game.


Overall KPM: 18 Points

Snaps: 54

KPM/Snap: 0.333


Derrick Johnson


DJ was awesome this week!  A couple tackles for loss, a handful of gaps filled, and some solid coverage were offset by a couple of missed tackles.  Still, another in a line of impact performances this year.  There's no question we're seeing the best DJ we've ever seen.


Overall KPM: 18 Points

Snaps: 54

KPM/Snap: 0.333


Jovan Belcher


Jovan actually played fairly well this week.  He was fairly solid in coverage, and stout in run support.  However, his missed sack will be the play that most remember about this game.


Overall KPM: 8 Points

Snaps: 26

KPM/Snap: 0.308


Andy Studebaker


Studebaker took his sack well and had a block that sprung Berry's touchdown.  Decent day from the youngster.


Overall KPM: 7 Points

Snaps: 22

KPM/Snap: 0.318


Demorrio Williams


Demorrio didn't do anything on the defensive side of the ball this week.


Overall KPM: 0 Points

Snaps: 5

KPM/Snap: 0.000


Cory Greenwood


Greenwood was in for one play and had a successful coverage.


Overall KPM: 1 Point

Snaps: 1

KPM/Snap: 1.000






Defensive Line:


This Week's KPM
This Week's KPM/Snap
Glenn Dorsey 18 Tyson Jackson 1.000
Tyson Jackson 15 Shaun Smith 0.455
Shaun Smith 10 Glenn Dorsey 0.360
Ron Edwards 4 Ron Edwards 0.222
Wallace Gilberry 3 Wallace Gilberry 0.094




This Week's KPM
This Week's KPM/Snap
Tamba Hali 18 Cory Greenwood 1.000
Derrick johnson 18 Derrick Johnson 0.333
Jovan Belcher 8 Tamba Hali 0.333
Andy Studebaker 7 Andy Studebaker 0.318
Mike Vrabel 6 Jovan Belcher 0.308
Cory Greenwood 1 Mike Vrabel 0.231
Demorrio Williams 0 Demorrio Williams 0.000


And now, time for Kalo's MVP of the Week! This week, it's TYSON JACKSON!


So many players showed up strong this week, so it was really difficult to pick just one player.  After looking at their impact per play, I had to give it to Tyson.  He's played well for several weeks in a row now, and he's beginning to have a huge impact on the game every time he's in the game.  I still don't think he's quite 100%, but he's getting to the point where he's able to use his big frame to lock down one side of the line almost every time.

Have a great day everyone, and thanks for reading!