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Chiefs vs. Chargers: Key To The Game Includes Avoiding Turnovers

Last year the Kansas City Chiefs twice lost to the San Diego Chargers by scores of 37-7 and 43-14. Yep, that's a combined score of 80-21 over two games.

There were plenty of reasons the Chiefs lost those games -- 80 yards passing in the first game is one of them -- but the biggest might be turnovers.

The Chiefs turned the ball over three times in the first game and four times in the second game Seven combined turnovers compared to one Chargers turnover in two games.

A 7:1 turnover margin in favor of the Chargers is a good way to lose two games.

The Chiefs haven't been getting many turnovers in the preseason but if they hope to win on Monday Night Football, they'll need at the very minimum to create one turnover. And when they get the offense back on the field, they need to capitalize.

This Chiefs team just hasn't demonstrated that they're capable of consistently moving the ball on offense. They'll need some help with a timely turnover from the Chargers.

As for the Chiefs offense turning the ball over, forget about it. If they turn the ball over twice in this game, it's over.

The key to remember here is that with a questionable offense you need field position to win the game. The Chiefs can create favorable field position with turnovers.

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