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Chiefs vs. Chargers: The Weekly 'Tamba Hali Is Very Good' Story

A trend began to develop throughout the 2009 season when talking to the Kansas City Chiefs opponent. On Wednesday, there's a conference call with the opposing head coach and a player, which is usually the quarterback. During these conference calls, reporters would ask questions like, 'What player on the Chiefs defense catches your eye?'

That was a popular question because there weren't many things to look for on the Chiefs defense.

But the answer was consistently Tamba Hali. Quarterbacks would say that when they watch film he's the guy they notice. At the beginning of last year, this was a bit of a surprise to use hearing this because while Hali has been a solid player he's maxed out at about eight sacks or so -- hardly a sack artist.

But then we dug a little deeper and realized that Hali was among the best in the league in quarterback pressures. He wasn't getting the stat everyone likes -- the sack -- but he was putting pressure on the quarterback which is just as good in some cases.

This week Philip Rivers is on the conference call and he's talking about, who else, Tamba Hali. From the KC Star:

"He’s relentless from a competitive standpoint," Rivers said of Hali. "Obviously, he’s very talented as well. He’s one of the best pass rushers in the division for sure. I’ve faced him numerous times now, and he’s gotten better each and every year."

The words "relentless" or "non-stop motor" are probably the most common words used to describe Hali. Todd Haley basically said the same thing about him yesterday as well.
He wants to be part of this team succeeding and he has shown that every single day along the way. You saw him make continued progress last year and he is clearly one of our better players out there every single Sunday from a consistency point of view.

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