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Chiefs vs. Chargers: Comparing Meaningless Preseason Stats

The San Diego Chargers, like the Kansas City Chiefs, won just one game during the 2010 preseason. Statistics and wins during these exhibition games don't really mean anything but it's still interesting to look at.

For no reason other than sparking conversation, here are a few notes I found from the stat sheets:

  • The average score in the Chargers preseason games is a 19.8 to 18.5 loss.
  • The average score in the Chiefs preseason games is a 18.2 to 14.8 loss.
  • Passing: 14th with 226 yards per game. The Chiefs came in 29th with 165 yards per game.
  • Rushing: 19th with 99 yards per game. The Chiefs came in second with 148 yards per game.
  • Touchdowns: Six passing and two rushing. The Chiefs had three passing and three rushing.
  • Defense/yards: 14th with 312 yards given up per game. The Chiefs were 16th with 316 yards given up per game.
  • Defense/points: 16th with 19.8 points given up per game. The Chiefs were 20th with 18.2 points given up per game.

Nothing too deep there and nothing that we can really use for this upcoming game but interesting nonetheless. I think the touchdown breakdown is probably similar to how the season will pan out. I can see the Chargers having a lot more passing touchdowns and the Chiefs being about even in that category.

It seems the Chiefs are a step behind the Chargers in most categories (except rushing). I'd say that's pretty accurate in the real world as well. The Chargers actually haven't been a very good pass rush team, like the Chiefs, so that's a similarity between the two.

Take a look at the preseason stats for each team and see if there's anything in there that's useful.

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