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Chiefs vs. Chargers: Containing Antonio Gates Is Key

Antonio Gates probably loves playing the Kansas City Chiefs. The San Diego Chargers tight end has caught more passes for more yards and more touchdowns against the Chiefs than any other team. It seems that the Chiefs have had trouble covering him for years (and, well, they have).

With the Chargers number one receiver, Vincent Jackson, not playing on Monday night against the Chiefs, the focus will come down to Antonio Gates.

The Chiefs have a pair of new defensive backs who will be helping out in coverage -- Eric Berry and Javier Arenas -- and each of them at some point will likely be stuck covering Gates. That's a tough matchup considering Gates is a long-time veteran who understands the game and, judging by his career yardage, how to manipulate matchups in his favor.

So what should the Chiefs goal be against Gates and the Chargers? Mine would be to keep him below his career averages against the Chiefs:

  • 5.7 catches
  • 70 yards
  • .9 touchdowns

With Jackson out, both the Chiefs defense and the Chargers offense will be focused on Gates so this will be one of the biggest matchups to watch in the game.

Do you have any confidence the Chiefs can stop, or at least contain, Gates?

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