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Chiefs' Jarrad Page Trade Is Once Again With A Familiar Partner

The Kansas City Chiefs traded safety Jarrad Page to the New England Patriots over the weekend and it marked another trade GM Scott Pioli has done with the Patriots.

Through a year and a half in Kansas City, Pioli tends to trade with teams he's familiar with. With the Patriots, it's Bill Belichick, the Falcons it's GM Thomas Dimitroff and the Dolphins it's Bill Parcells. Here are a few of the familiar trades for Pioli:

  • Patriots: Traded for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel
  • Patriots: Traded Jarrad Page
  • Falcons: Traded Tony Gonzalez
  • Dolphins: Traded for Ikechuku Ndukwe and Andy Alleman
  • Dolphins: Traded up in the 7th round of the 2009 draft

The Chiefs also traded with the Panthers (Tank Tyler) and Texans (moving up in the third round of the 2010 draft).

I don't think it's a particularly good or bad thing that Pioli tends to work with people he knows. I think it's probably easier to get through a trade with someone you know. There's probably less back-and-forth working with someone you know.

For the Chiefs, working with a good team like the Patriots is probably a smart move. Hey, it could be the Lions.

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