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Chiefs vs. Chargers: Will Ryan O'Callaghan Be Available?

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers are preparing for the regular season opener on Monday Night Football. For the Chiefs, they enter the game relatively healthy.

On Monday, they were missing a reserve defensive end in Alex Magee as well as reserve outside linebacker Cameron Sheffield.

The concerning injury, though, is starting right tackle Ryan O'Callaghan. It's been a few weeks since he's practiced as he battles an undisclosed injury.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley says that players generally have to practice in order to play. I'm sure he's willing to make an exception if O'Callaghan could be ready but at this point it's beginning to appear he won't play. There's still several days left to determine that but Barry Richardson got a ton of work in preseason suggesting they wanted him to be ready for week one.

O'Callaghan's injury could leave the Chiefs in a bind at offensive tackle. They would have no one behind Branden Albert and Richardson is O'Callaghan weren't ready to go. That means if one of those guys was injured during the game it would be a guard stepping in to help out.

I can't see the Chiefs leaving themselves exposed like that so I imagine either O'Callaghan will play or the Chiefs will sign someone -- potentially from the practice squad -- instead of entering the game with just Albert and Richardson.

This is just a guess but if no one is elevated from the practice squad then it may be a sign O'Callaghan will play.

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