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NFL Roster Cuts: Newest Chief Anthony Toribio Gets To Town


The newest member of the Kansas City Chiefs, former Green Bay Packers nose tackle Anthony Toribio, spoke to the media for the first time as a Chief.

Toribio confirmed that the Packers were planning on signing him back to the practice squad before he got the call.

"We came and played here Thursday," Toribio said. "I couldn't even give you a guess that I was going to end up here. I was gonna get signed back to the practice squad and then got a call wtih like 10 minutes before the waiver period ended and they said you're going to the Chiefs. So I had to pack up everything on short notice, in like two or three hours, and I'm here."

I saw some reports out of Green Bay that his Packers teammates were saddened to hear the news he'd be moving to Kansas City.

"You develop friendships and you get tied to the coach," Toribio said. "You gotta understand that it's a business. Nothing lasts forever. I was going to be in Green Bay forever, you know? It's a better move for my career to get on the 53-man roster."

Indeed he's got a much better shot here in Kansas City. The Packers have a top ten pick in B.J. Raji lining up at nose tackle so Kansas City presents a better opportunity for him.

"It's the same system here," he said. "I just have to get adjusted to a few of the minor details. Once I get adjusted I'll be comfortable."

"You work your butt off. this is what you work for, to get on the 53 man roster. To finally get on there, it's a great accomplishment for yourself."

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