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NFL Roster Cuts: Chiefs 2009 And 2010 Draft Looking Very Different

The Kansas City Chiefs selected eight players in the 2009 NFL draft. Relative to the 2010 draft, things aren't looking too hot.

Entering the 2010 NFL roster cut down day last Saturday, I figured that all of those draft picks outside of Tyson Jackson and Ryan Succop were on the roster bubble.

The Chiefs ended up releasing two 2009 draft picks on Saturday -- Colin Brown and Javarris Williams -- and another one -- Quinten Lawrence -- on Sunday.

That's three of the eight picks that have been released after one season. It's possible they could come back, too.

You can't get too up in arms that a fifth, sixth and seventh round picks didn't work out. In fact, 18 of the NFL's 2009 fifth round picks aren't even on their original team anymore so the Chiefs weren't alone in that area.

Still though it doesn't look like the Chiefs have gotten much from the third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh round picks.

I'm intrigued by the vast differences in these two drafts. One was from Scott Pioli's first year with a different scouting situation, new team with new needs and all of that. The other was after he had a year to prepare and early results say he nailed it.

We'll see where we're standing at this time next year and the 2010 draft comes up. Depending on Cameron Sheffield's injury, it's hard to imagine the Chiefs parting ways with any of the '10 picks after a year.

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