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NFL Roster Cuts: Practice Squad Comes Next For The Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs now have 53 players on their roster having released 13 on Saturday night. The next move for the Chiefs will be creating a practice squad.

All these players who were released that are practice squad-eligible (click here to see the rules on who's eligible) will be subject to waivers. That ends at 11:00 a.m. (Arrowhead time) and teams can begin signing players to the eight-man practice squad. These are generally made up of rookie free agents and other fringe NFL players.

Last year the Chiefs established their practice squad on the evening of the first signing day so if history repeats itself the announcement will come tonight.

Last year's first practice squad consisted solely of players who had been in the previous training camp so keep that in mind moving forward. The practice squad guys will likely be made up of the group that just went to camp with the Chiefs. They know the most about them so it makes sense.

There are already rumors picking up out there of players soon being added to the practice squad.

It's Game Time.

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