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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Doesn't Have An Opinion On 18-Game Schedule

We've been trying to track down the opinions of some of the Kansas City Chiefs management team on the proposed 18-game schedule.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, along with nearly all the NFL owners, has said he's for the change to 18 games. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley most recently said he doesn't have an opinion on it although he previously suggested (like most NFL coaches) that he'll take as many preseason games as he can get.

Now it's to GM Scott Pioli.

He was on 89.3 FM Thursday afternoon and KCUR's Steve Kraske asked him for his thoughts on the 18-game schedule.

Pioli said that, one way or the other, he doesn't have an opinion on it. He says that his philosophy has been to just play under the rules they give him and go from there.

I think it's probably for the best that Haley and Pioli not publicly take one side or the other. There are so many dynamics to this situation with the new labor deal coming up. Although, someone Pioli mentioned in his interview with Kraske, Bill Polian, has said he has some reservations about it and suggested that it was a done deal.

My take: I really hope the move to 18 games doesn't happen.

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