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NFL Blackouts Continue To Hit AFC West Including Chargers In Week 4

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When you sit back and think about it, the Kansas City Chiefs aren't doing so bad this season ticket-wise.

That's because the rest of the AFC West hasn't been so lucky.

On Thursday, the San Diego Chargers announced (another) blackout in San Diego. They've got the Cardinals coming to town.

Meanwhile the Oakland Raiders are on blackout watch every week. They've got one of the most exciting offenses in the league, the Texans, coming to town and if it is televised I imagine there will be plenty of no-shows.

The Chiefs haven't had any issue with blackouts this year from what I can tell. The first blackout in nearly 20 years came last December but this year the Chiefs have avoided anything like last year where they had to announce they were facing a blackout in order to sell the tickets.

The Chiefs Week 1 game topped 71,000 in attendance while Week 3 had over 68,000. Attendance at Arrowhead is around 77,000 with the renovations knocking out a couple thousand.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan)

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