For the Record--Romeo vs. Peyton

Peyton has been in the league since 1998. He has faced defenses from teams that Romeo was coaching for on 12 seperate occaisions. 1998-1999 Romeo was Defensive line coach fot the Jets. He was not in charge of the defense at this time like he would be in NE. Peyton played them four times in those 2 years. Romeo’s record was 1-3 against Peyton. The Defense held the Colts to and average of 14.75 points per game during this time. His average margin of loss was 3.7 pts. In the win, the Jets beat the Colts 44-6. 2001-2004 Romeo was Defensive Cordinator for the Pats. He was large and in charge of the Defense. This is what he now does for the Chiefs. In those six meetings, Romeo’s D prevailed each and every time. Average margin of victory was 14.3 points. The defense held Peyton and the colts to an average of 17.8 points per game. That included two playoff games. 2005 and 2008 Romeo was HC of the Browns at this time. He played against Peyton and the Colts twice in his four seasons as Browns HC. The Browns lost both meetings versus the Colts and PM because they were unable to score points. In those two games the combined score was Colts 23-Browns 12. They held Peyton to 12.5 points per game, but could only score 6 per game themselves. In the combined 12 meetings between Romeo D’s and Peyton’s offense the D has held Peyton to an average of 15.75 points per game, holding the Colts to 17 or fewer points in 9 of those meetings. That’s pretty good for a guy who reportedly can thread the needle at 40 yards. Romeo’s W-L record against Peyton’s offense is 7-5. This was because of a lack of offensive scoring more often than the defense giving up too many points. When he wins he wins by an average of just over 14 points. When he loses, he loses by an average of 4.4 points per game. If this game goes true to form, both teams should have a chance to win. The Chiefs offense is key here. If the Chiefs can score 18 or more points they have a 75% chance of winning based on these numbers. I would estimate that the Colts will score somewhere between 17 and 24 points and the Chiefs somewhere between 14 and 38. Let’s call it Colts 17, Chiefs 31. Get ready Chiefs fans, we are about to give the Colts some Black to go with the Blue (and white). CHIEFS WIN. CHIEFS WILL. BELIEVE.

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