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Chiefs Coach Impressed By Dexter McCluster's Free Style Rap

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach talked with Jim Corbett of USA Today and the result is this excellent story on the Chiefs, Todd Haley, and all other sorts of good tidbits.

The best one: Todd Haley putting Dexter McCluster on the spot after his 'Don't Text And Drive' PSA came out.

"As I went into our team meeting Wednesday morning," Haley told Corbett, "I told the guys as I went through all our keys, 'The reason I'm excited is because I knew how much room for improvement there was, that we're going to get better and better and better. To prove that point, I said, 'Dexter, get up here.'

"I put him up in front of his team," Haley continued. "And I said, 'I hear you think you can free-style rap.' He started getting embarrassed. I said, 'No, stay here now. I want you to show you can free-style and I'm going to give you the subject matter.'"

The result?

"He was unbelievable," Haley says. "That's an aspect to this kid that told me a lot about him when you can think fast like that. He just went at it and came up with some pretty incredible little quick lines with no preparation. I was impressed."

Check out the full story at USA Today (I think someone passed this story around yesterday as well).

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