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The Kansas City Chiefs Had A Good September

It's the last day of September and when I look back on it, this may be the best September in Kansas City Chiefs history. 

I was reviewing some old headlines and stats from the Chiefs last 3-0 start and while the '03 team was more exciting (Not to say the 2010 Chiefs aren't), I feel like our current squad is more accomplished.

Think about it:

  • Undefeated, 3-0 record;
  • Two Chiefs rookies have been nominated for rookie of the week, with Dexter McCluster winning it in Week 1;
  • Defensive end Tamba Hali won defensive player of the week;
  • The Chiefs finish the month as clearly the NFL's best rushing team;
  • KC has a rejuvenated special teams squad and a rejuvenated defensive squad; and,
  • Football is fun again in Kansas City and this time it isn't being taken for granted.
After three games and 110 points scored, the 2003 Kansas City Chiefs were an offensive juggernaut without a complimentary defense. Today, the current Chiefs are a more balanced, more stable football team in my opinion.

So, to compare 3-0 starts, how do you feel about this undefeated start versus 2003's undefeated start? Which team are you more confident in after three games?

I've linked the big stories of the month, by week, after the jump:

Week 1 (Sept. 6-13th)

Week 2 (Sept. 14-19th)

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