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Jarrad Page's Reporting Date To The Chiefs May Be Over A Week Away

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We're getting bits and pieces of information regarding the situation surrounding Jarrad Page, who reportedly signed his restricted free agent tender from the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that Page has yet to determine when he will report to the team, "but his arrival likely won't come before next week."

Today is Sept. 3 and the Chiefs open the regular season on Monday, Sept. 13. The words "before next week" are a little vague so I'm not sure we can make anything of that. The "next week" start on Monday meaning if it's not before "next week" then that would seemingly be Monday, Sept. 13.

Either way, it seems that the next move in the Jarrad Page situation will be coming before Sept. 13. That's a lot closer than we've been lately.