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Kansas City Chiefs Unlikely To Be In Mix For Cowboys WR Patrick Crayton

Do the Kansas City Chiefs still need a third wide receiver? In house candidates favor Dexter McCluster or perhaps Jerheme Urban. But Gregg Rosenthal, a writer for Pro Football Talk, mentions the position specifically for the Kansas City Chiefs as a reason they might go after Patrick Crayton, the Cowboys oft-grumbling wide receiver.

Specifically, Rosenthal quotes his agent: "It seems he doesn't figure in their plans so it's not logical to be on the roster until Saturday," Crayton's agent Fred Lyles told the Dallas Morning News. "We don't see the use in prolonging it." Later, the Chiefs are noted when he says, "Crayton is one of the few players that will get dropped this week that can help another team right away.  Kansas City, where Todd Haley could use a third receiver, makes a lot of sense."

The spotlight came to Todd Haley in Arizona where the third receiver certainly benefitted from his offense. In 2008, Steve Breaston had a 1,000 yard season alongside Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. Of course, Bolding was out for four games that season, so the numbers were certainly bumped a bit there. Still, Urban had 448 yards that same season, displaying what Haley can do with a high-octane passing game. Then again, he had a possible Hall of Fame candidate under center.

What exactly would a player like Crayton bring to the Chiefs that they don't already have? The answer is "not much." Not that Crayton is a bad player, but the Chiefs already have guys on the roster who can do the same things Crayton can. Last season at age 30, Crayton posted his second best season ever with 37 catches for 622 yards and 5 TDs. He's solid all the way around, both as a route runner and blocker, so perhaps he has a leg up over more inexperienced receivers in-hand. He also has punt return ability, but the Chiefs draft choices of Javier Arenas and McCluster sewed up that part of the roster as well.

But it seems we've already brought in the competition for McCluster for that spot with Urban. Unless the Chiefs brass have taken enough of a look at Urban to believe he cannot handle the position, then Crayton might be an option. But if the potential for Urban and McCluster to fill that spot exists on any level, then the Chiefs will likely have nothing to do with the Cowboys receiver. And if somehow, Crayton ends up in a Chiefs uniform, we'll most likely see Jerheme Urban wearing another set of colors as well.

h/t to Tomahawk44 for posting the fanshot

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