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The Most Targeted Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receivers Through Week 3

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We keep rolling along today with more cumulative stats from three games so far this season for the Kansas City Chiefs

This afternoon, I want to bring to your attention who Matt Cassel has been targeting the most this season. 

I've got the list after the jump. Take a guess and let us know if you were right. I'm sure the honor system is in full effect. 

Most Targeted

TE Tony Moeaki (19), WR Dwayne Bowe (15), WR Chris Chambers (13)

Nobody saw this coming. Moeaki the most thrown to Chiefs' target? This is traditionally against the role that tight ends have played in Scott Pioli/Todd Haley offenses (I think this is true and I think I wrote a post on this. I just can't find it for some reason). 

Bowe and Chambers are no surprise. However, with 28 passes thrown their way, their total catches need to increase. Bowe has seven receptions this season and Chambers has five. 

Middle of the Road

OW Dexter McCluster (10), RB Tim Castille (7), RB Jamaal Charles (5), RB Thomas Jones (5)

This is about right for the middle of the road targets - all running backs plus whatever you want to call Dexter McCluster. Glad to the Chiefs getting the ball McCluster's way as much as possible. 

McCluster has caught five passes; Castille has caught six; Charles has caught all five passes thrown his way; and Jones has only caught two of the five passes thrown his way. 

Least Targeted

TE Leonard Pope (1)

Pope has been targeted once more than a handful of the remaining wide receivers and tight ends. TE Jake O'Connell, WR Jeremy Horne and WR Terrance Copper have not been thrown the ball on offense. These guys may only see a couple of looks all year long. 

Every is happy about Tony Moeaki dropping in and making an immediate impact but I think these stats show that the passing game of the Chiefs is pretty weak. If you glance at Peyton Manning's stats, which I know are unfair to compare to, but he's got Austin Collie catching 27 of his 32 passes , Dallas Clark catching 21 of 27 passes thrown his way and Reggie Wayne catching 18 of the 26 passes thrown his way. 

Okay, I can't look at Manning's stats anymore. They're too ridiculous. 

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