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Kansas City Chiefs Focus On Fumbling Is Paying Off

Over the last 20-plus months we've learned quite a bit about Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley. One of those is how much he hates fumbles. Haley has said that among his top priorities is protecting the football and not fumbling the ball goes right along with it.

Last year the Chiefs were third in the NFL with 31 total fumbles. They did a good job of not allowing the opponent recover those only losing 10 but, still, that 31 fumbles is a big numbers.

Through three games, the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills are the only two teams not to lose a fumble. In fact, the Chiefs have fumbled it just once through three games.

This is filed in the "Doing the little things right" category. This is a significant upgrade for the Chiefs from '09 to '10.

Haley's emphasis on this has clearly resonated with the Chiefs ball carries this year.

Here's another part of all this: When the Chiefs do turn it over, they're not giving up points. In fact, they have not given up a single point off of a turnover to this point. On the flip side, they're third in the NFL in scoring off of turnovers.

People ask me what the Chiefs are doing differently this year. My answer is always that they seem to be capitalizing on plays this year that they didn't do last year. This would seem to support that.

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