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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 9/29

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Happy Wednesday, AP. We have a ton of Kansas City Chiefs news for you this morning. People are beginning to notice the 3-0 record. Today's news includes stories from The Washington Post, The LA Times, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, multiple stories from ESPN, and let's not forget Sports Pickle. A good cross section of opinion from across the nation. Enjoy.

What Crennel, the team’s first-year defensive coordinator, has done is take Hali and turn him into the Chiefs’ most effective pass-rusher since Jared Allen was traded in 2008. It didn’t take that long, either.

And Crennel did it by changing the defense around Hali. Kansas City’s top priority now is stopping the run, and when that happens, Hali can chase quarterbacks. That’s how he spent Sunday, when he sacked Alex Smith three times.

Chiefs' Hali is quietly racking up sacks from KC Star

Unsung hero of the weekCharlie Weis. The Chiefs' new O-coordinator called the successful flea-flicker from a single wing formation that caught the 49ers napping. Quarterback Matt Cassel, who lined up as a wide receiver, took a throwback lateral pass from Dexter McCluster, then found Dwayne Bowe with a 45-yard TD spiral. Yet Weis did more than dazzle with his gadget play. He coached despite suffering through a painful infection that struck him earlier in the weekend, and led to emergency gall bladder surgery on Monday morning.

Replay: Self-inflicted wounds costly even early in NFL season from USA Today

KC Star Video: Haley, Chiefs discuss allegations of dirty play by Shaun Smith

But that said, the Chiefs were a revelation in Week 3. I had visited their training camp this summer and thought I saw the makings of turnaround in the early stages, but we might have to accelerate that timetable...

...In the preseason, I thought Kansas City had six- or seven-win potential in 2010. But a 9-7 or even 10-6 record is looking more possible all the time.

Flip-flopping coaches, surprise 3-0 teams ... little's predictable in NFL from Sports Illustrated

Many believe linebacker Bobby Bell was the best all-round player in Chiefs history.

The NFL ranks him the 69th-best player of all time.

Bell is among the players whose rankings have been announced on The Top 100: NFL Greatest Players.

Bobby Bell ranked No. 69 of all time from The Red Zone

Haley is trying a new approach this week — allowing 16 players to act as temporary coaches while their teammates go through morning practice.

"I came up with this thought," Haley said Tuesday, "of getting some of our developing leaders and veterans, different reasons for different guys, a little more involved in the communication process with other players.

Players get to do some coaching during Chiefs’ week off the field from KC Star

The head coaching efforts of Crennel with the Cleveland Browns and Weis at Notre Dame produced a combined record of 59-67, but their arrival in Kansas City has had an immediately positive effect.

"The efficiency of our staff allows me to now be the head coach. . . . I'm not having to do some of the other things that take up a lot of the time when you're on one side of the ball or the other," Haley said at a news conference Monday.

Chiefs are biggest early surprise with 3-0 start  from The Washington Post

The NFL office is officially mum on the subject, although with the media coverage it's getting and the new video to watch you have to think they are aware of it. If the league isn't ready to come down on Smith, perhaps it's time for a Code Red.

Michael Wilbon said on Monday that it was time for a coach of the Chiefs' next opponent to pick out a guy that is expendable if suspended, to take care of Smith with a preemptive strike.

KC Chiefs' Shaun Smith: Pervert or shrewd football player? from

The makers of Madden 11 have hurried a downloadable patch that is now available to all users that includes the Kansas City Chiefs franchise and 2010 roster...

...It was not until now, with the Chiefs out to a surprising 3-0 start, that anyone contacted the company about the Chiefs not being in the game.

Madden 11 Now Offering Patch That Includes the Kansas City Chiefs from Sports Pickle [satire]

• Thomas Jones, playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, rushed for 95 yards and a touchdown in a win over the San Francisco 49ers. The Jets cut Jones last March after a career year. Why? Well, we never got a good explanation on that one. Salary ($5 million), age (32) and a late-season slump, no doubt, were the reasons behind the unpopular move. 

Jets RBs are a hit ... for other teams from ESPN New York

The Rams and KC Chiefs each won on Sunday, and that hasn't happened for a long while. The last time the two Missouri-based NFL teams won on the same day was Dec. 31, 2006, in the final regular-season game of the '06 season. Perhaps better days are, indeed, ahead.

Bernie Bytes: Rams and running backs from STL Today

...only three undefeated teams remain, and the sole possible undefeated pairings that remain are 17-0 Pittsburgh meeting 17-0 Kansas City in the AFC title game, or the 18-0 Steelers or Chiefs meeting the 18-0 Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl.

Enjoy our flavor of the day: 3-4 defenses from ESPN

In the aftermath of the San Diego Chargers’ second loss in three games, the knee-jerk observation is that wide receiver Vincent Jackson’s(note absence is hurting the team.

Not exactly...

...The real problem in San Diego is a special-teams coverage unit (both on punts and kickoffs) that is, well, to put it mildly, just awful.

Special-teams coverage hurting Chargers from Yahoo! Sports

Todd Haley is doing such a great job as coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, that I just want to pick him up like a dog and start petting him. When I texted this to Todd, he quickly texted back saying, "Peter, thats a little creepy."

Speaking of Kansas City, offensive coordinator Charlie Weis took timeout of counting all the piles of money he stole from Notre Dame to let me know that Sunday was a great day for him.

Tuesday Evening Fullback- Week 3 of the NFL- Thoughts on Carroll, Favre, Manning, McCluster and morefrom [satire]

In an interview with metal site NoisecreepKerry King, the man responsible for songs Raining BloodAngel of DeathSeasons in the AbyssSouth of Heaven, and Dead Skin Mask, had this to say about the AFC West and KC in particular.

"You can't get much worse than the last seven years," King says. "We might squeeze out the division. The AFC West is weak. I am sure everyone in Kansas City, San Diego and Denver hates my guts for saying that. But whatever. I think San Diego will never get over the hump."

Slayer's Kerry King hates on the Chiefs, Reign In Blood remains awesome from The Pitch

Former Kansas City Chief’s center Tim Grunhard will be featured speaker at the Clay County Economic Development Council annual Look North Leadership Banquet Thursday, Oct. 7 at Harrah’s North Kansas City.

Former Chiefs Player To Keynote Look North Banquet from Press Release Central

From Jamaal Charles to Thomas Jones, Dexter McCluster to Tony Moeaki, Bowe to Chambers, someone’s always due to provide a jolt, a lift when the team needs it the most.  Special teams are superb, plays just happen when you throw Javier Arenas and McCluster back there in the return department.  You see the innovative ways the coaching staff is getting these electrifying playmakers involved.  This team is having FUN.

Kansas City is not this year’s Denver from The National Sports Review

People are going to tell  you that after three games, you have a pretty good sense of what each team is like.

I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t believe a word of it.

After three games this year, we know that the Steelers are the class of the league. We know that Michael Vick is the best quarterback in the NFL. We know that this is the year Houston does some damage in the playoffs, and we know that Green Bay’s shot at a Super Bowl just flew out the window.

Right. Just like we knew that the Broncos and Giants were the class of the league this time last year, and weknew that the Titans were destined to go 0-16.

After Three Weeks, We Know Absolutely Nothing About the 2010 NFL Season from How to Watch Sports

The Bears and Steelers both play in Week 4, and neither has a favorable matchup, with Chicago in New Jersey on a short week to face a desperate Giants team, and the Steelers, in their final game before Ben Roethlisberger returns, hosting the Baltimore Ravens. I believe that the Giants will knock off the Bears, and Baltimore will edge Pittsburgh. So, by default, that would make the Chiefs my final unbeaten team. Wow.

Question of the day: Which NFL team will be the last to lose a game? from The Los Angeles Times

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