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On Shaun Smith Incident, Chiefs Coach Says He Goes By The Officials

For the second week in a row an opposing player has accused Kansas City Chiefs DE Shaun Smith of grabbing someone below the belt during a play. In Week 2, Cleveland Browns C Alex Mack said he was grabbed and in Week 3 San Francisco 49ers RT Anthony Davis claimed he was grabbed.

There is video evidence of the play last week which seems to back up Davis' claim.

Here's what Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said about it today when asked during his press conference:

"I know nothing about the accusations," Haley said. "I know the question yesterday [in the press conference] was asked...something I kind of get the gist of but, again, I think these officials are the best there are. They're really good at a very difficult job, very difficult job. Again, I go by what they tell me and I think that's a good practice and something I've learned along the way."

The officials didn't call anything on Smith in Week 2 or Week 3. Smith was not fined in Week 2. The vvideo evidencee in Week 3 may be a different story.

"I'm unaware of the talk about it, I really am, other than the question yesterday," Haley said. "I can't answer that question. That's all I got on it. I'm going by officials, what they tell me."

Friday Fine Day will solve this one.

It's Game Time.

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