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Chiefs Coach Addresses Charlie Weis' Medical Situation

We're scarce on details right now but Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was asked a question in his press conference Monday regarding Charlie Weis and some sort of medical issue.

Here's what Haley said:

"As is my policy I won't talk about anybody's... things like that, health. That's a family business deal. That being said, there is nothing life-threatening, heart attack-related, any of the couple things that have been brought to my attention regarding Charlie so, as far as that goes, I will make that statement just to keep there from being a bunch of hoopla. But I won't get into his personal side of this with any of our associates, employees, coaches or players."

Haley did not say anything else on the subject which leads us to assume that Weis will be back in action next week.

That's what we know.

(H/T stagdsp)

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