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Chiefs' Trickery Against 49ers Included A Fake Punt, Sort Of

The Kansas City Chiefs faked a punt on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers in their 31-10 blowout.'s not quite the fake punt you're thinking of.

The Chiefs opened the second quarter with a 4th-and-1 and sent the punt team onto the field during the TV timeout between quarters. When the TVs came back, and the play clock winding down, the Chiefs' punt team all of a sudden started rushing off the field and the offense came running on.

The 49ers didn't know what to do and had to call a timeout to get re-organized as some players were running off the field and others were running back on.

After the timeout, the Chiefs again sent the punt team out as if they were going to kick it away. But, just like the first time, the punt team came running off the field and the offense came running back on.

The problem? The game was still in a TV timeout so the 49ers had time to get their defense onto the field.

The Chiefs lined up with Thomas Jones in the wildcat, who handed it off to McCluster for the first down.

So they faked a punt...just not the way you normally think of faking a punt.

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