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Chiefs vs. 49ers: Brandon Flowers Credits Film Study On Interception

On Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs made one of their few mistakes with a QB Matt Cassel interception.

The Chiefs and 49ers were scoreless at the time but the interception had set the 49ers up at their own 24-yard line.

We would file that one under Mistakes You Can Not Make.

The good thing is that CB Brandon Flowers was there to bail them out. The 49ers were facing a third down and QB Alex Smith looked to the right sideline for QR Michael Crabtree.

The situation caught Flowers' eyes from something he had seen on tape. "Crabtree likes to run the flats and angle it back in for a slant," Flowers said. "I just played what I saw on film."

What he saw on film was potential for an interception and he took care of business when it hit him. Flowers popped the ball in the air and it landed neatly in his hands while falling to the ground.

"I told myself I need to be more opportunistic and come down with the ball when I can make a play," he said.

Speaking of opportunistic, the next play saw WR Dexter McCluster take a catch and run into the end zone.

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