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Chiefs vs. 49ers: San Francisco Meltdown

I remember last year when the Kansas City Chiefs would win a game, the opposing fan base would be up in arms demanding changes because, by God, they lost to the Chiefs!

We aren't seeing those type of reactions this year but we are seeing a Chiefs opponent reeling after a loss at Arrowhead Stadium.

Here's a sample of the press clippings from 49ers fans and media after the Chiefs victory.

We've had a million and one complaints, but many of them seem to settle in around the idea that Mike Singletary might just be too stubborn for his own good.
On offense, the offensive line was abysmal. Rookie right tackle Anthony Davis and starting right guard Chilo Rachal were invisible, being consistently beat, while the rest of the line stayed their course of "have one good play, then have one bad play," throughout the entirety of the game. No run blocking, no pass blocking, and no fight at all. The unit looked uninspired as a whole.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if somebody was on the chopping block after this week, with Jimmy Raye being the leading candidate. I'm not one to normally jump on the "Fire ____!" bandwagon, but what else would you do at this point?
Mike Singletary said he would have to make "some hard decisions" after a 31-10 loss to Kansas City on Sunday, but offensive coordinator won't be one of them. Asked if Jimmy Raye will be the offensive coordinator for the rest of the year, Singletary said, "Yes. Yes."

Sounds like the Chiefs victory could have some consequences in San Francisco. The fan base is really upset, the coach is assuring people the offensive coordinator won't be fired and they just got stomped in Arrowhead. Not a good start for San Francisco.

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