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Thomas Jones At QB, Matt Cassel At WR And The Kansas City Chiefs Flea-Flicker

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The Kansas City Chiefs got creative offensively in a 31-10 dominating victory over the San Francisco 49ers but the one folks will remember is the flea-flicker.

It wasn't quite Mark Bradley to Tyler Thigpen ala the 2008 Chiefs but it was a good one.

Here is a video of the 45-yard touchdown pass.

Here's how it all went down....

Matt Cassel lined up as a receiver side left and Dexter McCluster did the same thing wide right. Thomas Jones was lined up as the wildcat.

On the snap, McCluster ran left as if it were an end-around and took the handoff.

At this point, the 49ers defense -- specifically safety Dashon Goldson -- stopped and started to creep to the line of scrimmage.

At that point, he was already toast. McCluster continued running left but pitched it back to Cassel as if it were a double-reverse.

Cassel took the ball and with Goldson now more than five yards behind, hit Dwayne Bowe at the edge of the end zone for six.

After the game, Cassel told reporters that being aggressive like that gives the team confidence. "In the huddle," Cassel said, "you can see it in the linemen's eyes. They get energized and excited being aggressive."

And, yeah, double-reverse flea-flickers (or whatever that was) that go for 45-yard touchdowns also get the fan base pretty jacked up.

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