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Chiefs vs. 49ers: Greetings From Arrowhead Stadium

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Greetings from Arrowhead Stadium, the site of the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers game. I'm just getting into my seat here in the press box.

There are a few players on the field warming up. It's still early but there's no sign of Tyson Jackson or Ryan O'Callaghan on the field with the dozen or so players warming up.

One funny incident coming in: I pulled onto Stadium Drive near the stadium, a two-lane road. Everyone was in the left lane so that they could turn into the stadium a few hundred feet ahead. Cars were pulling from the intersecting road onto Stadium Dr. and, for the most part, they were being let into the left lane so that they could pull into the Chiefs' entrance.

Except for one guy. One guy was hootin' and hollerin' because no one would let him into the left lane. He was yelling out his car window and had been sitting there as I moved along, inch-by-inch about 100 yards.

Why wasn't he being let in? Wrong color of red. He had a 49ers jersey on.

We're about 90 minutes from game time. Get excited!

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