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Chiefs vs. 49ers: The Feeling On Alex Smith In San Francisco

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The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will meet on Sunday and both quarterbacks will be in similar situations: Lots of question marks.

For the Chiefs, it's Matt Cassel. He's struggled in his first four preseason games and first two regular season. The biggest concern here is that he seems to be the only offensive position that hasn't stayed the same or improved. He's regressed, statistically speaking.

For the 49ers, they've got Alex Smith. He and Cassel got to the NFL differently -- Smith as the No. 1 overall pick and Cassel as a 7th round pick -- but they're sitting in similar situations. 49ers fans, after five years, are still waiting for their investment to pan out.

To figure out the overall feeling on Alex Smith from 49ers fans, I talked to David Fucillo of Niners Nation.

The answer to this really depends on what camp you're in. In spite of his strong performance to close out Monday Night against the Saints, we still have people that want to dump him. I've generally defended him in part because I think he has the talent to be an above average QB in this league, but also in part because I've invested 5+ seasons in him. While I haven't invested the money the 49ers have (aside from my Alex Smith jersey of course), I've invested emotion and support and would like it to pay off. He's a very good person and it would just be nice to see a happy ending for him.

While this past Monday brought more folks back into the fold, fans are still divided on Smith. I think we need to see him follow up his Monday effort with a strong performance against your Chiefs. He's had impressive games in the past but he has yet to put together any level of consistency. That is the next step he has to take.

Sound familiar? We know what he's capable of but there's been no consistency. There are definitely a lot of similarities between the two.

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