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Chiefs vs. 49ers: Vernon Davis Becomes A Focal Point

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The Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday and one of the focal points will undoubtedly be TE Vernon Davis.

He's on his way to becoming the premier tight end in the league so it's a big test for the Chiefs, particularly considering they've had some trouble with the tight end.

In week one, TE Antonio Gates caught five balls for 76 yards and a touchdown. The Chiefs made some nice second half adjustments putting more attention on Gates to contain him.

In week two, TE Ben Watson caught four balls for 67 yards against the Chiefs. One of those was a 44-yarder that took the Browns inside the 10-yard line and eventually for a score.

In week three....Vernon Davis. This year he has 73 and 78 yards of receiving in two games so those numbers would suggest he's a big part of the 49ers offense.

"The thing that we do every week is we look at what the other team does and try to figure out what we need to do to stop them to give ourselves the best chance," Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel said on Friday.

In that case, it seems that stopping Frank Gore will be the biggest goal of the game (My opinion -- not Crennel's). Putting the pressure on QB Alex Smith is important so taking away arguably his best option, Vernon Davis, will be a key part of this game.

It'll be interesting to see how, after two weeks, Eric Berry has adjusted the way he plays tight ends. He's had some trouble with them at times.

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