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Chiefs vs. 49ers: Who Would You Take From San Francisco?

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Now this is a good Friday afternoon topic.

Which players from the 49ers would you take?

David Fucillo of Niners Nation brought the idea up to me this week and he's already taken a look at which players from the Chiefs he would take (and they're about what I expected). Pretty interesting looking at things this way. Plus, it can help us get to know the opponent a little better.

I've found four players I would take (though there are probably more):

LB Patrick Willis: Clearly this is a no-brainer. You can make an argument that Willis is the best linebacker in the game. He's fast, hits hard and makes a ton of players. Any defense instantly gets better with him.

TE Vernon Davis: Willis and Davis are similar in that they're both young and on the verge of becoming the best at their position. Davis put up TG-like numbers last year with 965 yards and 13 touchdowns.

DE Justin Smith: Are you saying the Chiefs already have defensive ends? Well, Smith is one of the better ends in the league. His last two seasons have six and seven sacks. Not bad for a position that supposedly doesn't get to the quarterback.

WR Michael Crabtree: Though he hasn't done much in the NFL yet, I think this is nearing no-brainer status as well. Some even argued the Chiefs should have taken him in the first round last year. He has the potential to turn into a legitimate number one receiver.

Here's the 49ers roster. Take a crack at it.

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