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Kansas City Chiefs G Brian Waters Is Doing Something Right

Last week while preparing for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan called guard Brian Waters "probably the best in football." Now, Ryan is, yes, related to Rex Ryan so you know some hyperbole is added in there but it's a high compliment. Some have criticized Waters in the last year or so -- something that was rarely done in previous years -- but lately it sounds as if people think he's doing something right.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was asked about Waters' play over the last two games and spoke highly of the 10-year veteran.

"I think he must be feeling pretty good," Haley said on Thursday. "What I’m overall most impressed with with Brian is the condition that he’s taken pride in keeping himself in.

"I think that all veteran players, something that the ones that are able to continue and extend their careers beyond maybe what people thought, not putting him in that group because I would not put a ceiling on what Brian Waters is capable of, but I think all veteran players that get to a certain point in their careers, the ones that realize that each year they’ve got to be in a little better shape are the ones that are able to sustain."

Waters is under contract through the 2011 season so perhaps he simply ends his career in Kansas City. From the surface, the drafting of Jon Asamoah and signing of Ryan Lilja suggests that there is a plan in place if/when Waters is gone.

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