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Chiefs vs. 49ers: Todd Haley Has Recent Success Against San Francisco


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley previously coached with the Arizona Cardinals, the same NFC West as the San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City's opponent in Week 3. He talked to Mitch Holthus on about some of that familiarity.

Though the Chiefs and Cardinals are clearly different teams, we'll see if we can glean anything from Haley's past run-ins with San Francisco.

Here's how Haley has fared against the 49ers while with the Cardinals from 2007-2008.


  • L: 17-20 (100 pass/161 rush)
  • L: 31-37 (456 pass/96 rush)


  • W: 23-13 (176 pass/109 rush)
  • W: 29-24 (328 pass/46 rush)

Obviously some differences there so I'm not sure if there's much we can gain from that. They had one poor passing game and one huge passing game each year. Maybe the Chiefs hope it's San Francisco's off day.

Haley said this week that he does remember San Francisco from the NFC West, which could potentially provide an advantage since he says they've been together for a while.

"Having been out in Arizona in the NFC West," Haley said, "and playing these guys a bunch, the core group of guys is still there and the core group of coaches is still there. They were a good team then. It's hard to win in the NFL. They stuck it to us multiple times out there and If elt like in Arizona we had a pretty good team in a couple of those situations.

"I'm very aware of this San Francisco 49er team. You can not be fooled by their record right now. That's not coach speak. They're a good, physical, fast football team that has been together a number of years."

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