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Chiefs vs. 49ers: San Francisco Is Consistently Inconsistent

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been fairly consistent in their first two games of the 2010 NFL season: They get non-offensive touchdowns, below average quarterback play, above average play from the defense and, most importantly, they've been winning.

The San Francisco 49ers on the other hand have been inconsistent. From what I can tell, there have been two distinct 49ers teams in two games this season.

The team that couldn't handle Seattle on the road getting blown out 31-6. Then there's the team that drove down and tied the defending world champion Saints with less than two minutes to play on Monday Night football.

So which 49ers team will show up?

"Can I just say split the difference and be done with it?" David Fucillo of Niners Nation told me this week.

"I think this game might actually be more important for the 49ers because any team can get up for a MNF home opener against the defending champs," he continued. "While the Chiefs are 2-0, it's easy for someone to overlook them given their recent past. I don't think the 49ers overlooked the Seahawks week one, but I do think they started believing their own press and let it show on the field."

And now the Chiefs sit in a similar position as the 49ers. They're 2-0 so it would be easy for them to think that the 0-2 49ers aren't the challenge that they will be.

"In reality," Fucillo goes on to say, "somewhere in the middle might be the best answer. The 49ers have the talent to play like a squad that took the defending champs down to the wire, but they have to show the consistency necessary to be taken seriously in the NFL.

"Until they do show some level of consistency, even I as a diehard 49ers fan will continue to question them. I do think they've got the talent to be a playoff team (and not just because they're in a crap division, although that helps). I just want some consistency."

I do think the Chiefs can face the 49ers at their best inside Arrowhead Stadium and walk away with a win. But, if their inconsistencies arise, they may not even see the best the 49ers have to offer.

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