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Kansas City Chiefs Are Working Through Communication Issues

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been going through some communication issues over the last few weeks. No, no, it doesn't have anything to do with the head coach and the quarterback getting along or any of that type of communication.

It's about the technology.

Matt Cassel wears a helmet with a chip in it allowing him to hear the offensive coordinator call the plays. Apparently that's been going out now and again causing some delays for the Chiefs.

"Last game was really the first game that I really noticed it," Cassel said. "It happened for a few plays in a row where the communication was down in the helmet and I was trying to get the play."

Cassel said he's heard just static in there before when it goes down. You could tell on TV that there was something going on as Cassel was signaling to the sidelines.

Todd Haley says ultimately -- with or without that headset communication -- getting the play in is easy (in theory).

"I like our system of sending the plays in," Haley said. "I think it’s a tried-and-true system that works. Whether we’re calling plays from the box, the sideline, whatever we’re doing, with or without a headset, it is really very simple. The plays are numbered and the quarterback gets the number."

Haley's best line: "We’re out-technology-ing ourselves." At least he's not tweeting yet.

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