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Chiefs vs. 49ers: Brian Waters Says San Francisco Can't Be Taken For Granted

If you asked folks at the beginning of the season, who is more likely to be 2-0 and who is more likely to be 0-2 -- San Francisco 49ers or Kansas City Chiefs -- I think we all know what that answer would be. Nevertheless their roles are reversed and the Chiefs sport the 2-0 record.

The 49ers 0-2 record doesn't mean they're a bad team. If you checked them out in a 25-22 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football this week, then you know what I'm talking about.

"Their record doesn't show how good of a football team they are," Chiefs guard Brian Waters said on Wednesday, per "But if you watch that game on Monday night, you realize they are a very good football team. They're well coached and play the game the way it's supposed to be played. Turnovers have been an issue for them and I'm sure that's something they're trying to fix."

Waters goes on to say that the 49ers aren't a team that you can take for granted.

"This is the type of team that's going to come here with their backs against their wall and we have to match their energy and match their intensity because we know they're going to be fighting their butts off to get a win," he said.

It makes a lot of sense. The 49ers, at 0-2, may be more desperate than the Chiefs. Though the 49ers will be favorites, they're still the ones who need the win the most.

This will be a good test for the Chiefs to go against a team that really needs a win.

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