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Chiefs vs. 49ers: Comparing Alex Smith And Matt Cassel

The San Francisco 49ers are coming to Kansas City to play the Chiefs on Sunday and they'll be bringing along the former No. 1 overall pick, QB Alex Smith.

Smith's career has been for the most part a disappointment. When you're picked that high, people expect greatness, whether that's right or wrong.

Smith's second NFL season and his first as a full-time starter resembles Chiefs QB Matt Cassel's second season as a NFL starter.

Smith: 2,890 yards, 16 TD, 16 INT, 58.1% comp.

Cassel: 2,924 yards, 16 TD, 16 INT, 55.0% comp.

The problem is what Smith has done since then....not much. He had seven starts the next year, then 10 the year after that and no starts in 2008.

So which quarterback would you rather have at this point?

Because Cassel has less starts thus, in theory, more potential, I'd side with Cassel. But to this point their careers look similar with the exception that Cassel has put up one very good year in New England, while Smith has had several below average years.

Check out their stats (Smith and Cassel) and let us know who you would rather have at this point.

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