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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Singles Out Dwayne Bowe In A Good Way

We've been covering the Todd Haley-led Kansas City Chiefs for nearly two years now so we're getting to see some trends from the head coach. One of them is that if you hear Haley say your name during a press conference, you've either done something very bad or very good.

For Dwayne Bowe, it's the latter. Haley singled him out while speaking to the media on Tuesday and highlighted his efforts as a blocker recently.

"Another component of being a good receiver in the league is about blocking and I will speak individually about WR Dwayne Bowe in that area and I think that’s something that he has made such a big jump in and is a real good sign," Haley said.

"Last week he had a couple real big blocks, one on a long, long play and then yesterday he continued that, though it didn’t necessarily lead to big, big plays, I think that’s a real good sign for the team."

Good for Bowe. Since he's in the second half of his contract so I'm always looking for signs whether the Chiefs are thinking about keeping him around. I think there are plenty of reasons they wouldn't keep him but this is one reason they just might.

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