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NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs Make A Top 10 Appearance

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The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0 looking to make it 3-0 against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. NFL power rankings across the league are starting to take notice of the Chiefs.

You've got two categories:

  • The ones who think the Chiefs are legit and rank them based on the record.
  • The ones who had them ranked so low to start the season they can't possibly bring them into the top 10.

We've got a mix of both in various NFL power rankings I gathered.

  • SB Nation: 20 (22): There's some excitement building in Kansas City with two consecutive wins. Beating the Chargers is a big win and beating the Browns is expected. The Chiefs may be able to make some noise in the AFC West this year.
  • FOX Sports: 10 (22) OK, I'm surprised they are 2-0. It's amazing that they have a quarterback who has not thrown for even 200 yards in either game, but they are still undefeated. The signing of veteran RB Thomas Jones has provided a very nice boost to their running game.
  • Walter Football: 23 (26) Worst 2-0 team ever? Quite possibly.
  • Pro Football Talk: 12 (16) Maybe they should rename them the "Overachiefers."
  • RealGM: 19 (26)

What do you think? I'd say 10-20 is pretty fair. They're definitely in that range.

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