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Chiefs vs. Browns: First Matt Cassel Interception Was Chris Chambers' Fault

As you know, Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel had two interceptions in Sunday's 16-14 victory over the Cleveland Browns. The first one was a deep ball thrown to Chris Chambers and the second one was a tipped pass.

On the first interception, Cassel threw what ended up being a jump ball to Chambers with the cornerback, Sheldon Brown, right on his hip. Brown went up on a better jump than Chambers and came down with the ball.

After the game, Chambers told Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Starr that Todd Haley told him the interception was his fault.

"Todd got after me a little bit because I should have knocked the ball down," Chambers said. "He told me it was my fault for not giving a better effort to do that."

It wasn't the greatest pass in the world but it wasn't a duck by any means. Chambers had a shot at getting the ball and I think Haley is correct in saying Chambers is to blame. But, in my eyes, he only shares the blame in this one. Anytime a receiver should be getting up in the air and knocking down a pass, the interception can't be completely on him.

It's not too surprising that the Chiefs shifted blame on that one. They have consistently protected Cassel and pointed to others when talking about his play (dropped passes, for example).

The second interception came on a tipped Cassel pass, which can be chalked up to bad luck. I also heard the CBS announcers notice that quite a few of his passes are tipped.

For those that saw the play, was that Chambers' fault? Or Chambers' and Cassel's fault?

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