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Kansas City Chiefs Can Scout San Francisco 49ers On Monday Night Football

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We've got a nice treat for Monday Night Football this week. The Kansas City Chiefs next opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, are playing the New Orleans Saints.

That means this game actually matters to Kansas City fans...sort of. We can get a nice view of what the Chiefs should be looking for against the 49ers.

Here's what I'll be looking for:

  • What the fans think: Let's be honest. The fans are the ones that really know what's going on, right? Right? I'll be checking in over at Niners Nation to see what the 49ers fans are saying. That should help give us an idea of what to expect next week.
  • The 49ers run defense: The Chiefs strength is running the ball and they'll need to do that against the 49ers. How do the 49ers stop the rush? What's that 3-4 defensive line like?
  • QB Alex Smith: The quickest way to lose a game is a bad performance from your quarterback (says the Chiefs fan). Can the Chiefs get to Alex Smith? Is he prone to creating a mistake? The Chiefs very well could need another non-offensive touchdown next week. A repeat of Brandon Flowers pick-six wouldn't be bad.

In the meantime, I'll be reliving the Chiefs 1997 beatdown of the 49ers, 44-9. OnlyKCFanNVA has a nice roundup of players to watch as well.

Anything in particular you do or do not want to see tonight from the 49ers?

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