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Kansas City Chiefs Tickets Are Getting Tougher To Find

This is by no means scientific but a quick look at Ticket Master would suggest the Kansas City Chiefs are once again becoming a hot ticket in town.

Last weekend, before the Chiefs on Monday Night Football, the club announced that standing room only tickets remained.

I thought that it was a little strange that, at the time of the announcement, I could still get six tickets together on the lower level, 25 rows back, at Ticket Master. Maybe the Chiefs were suggesting tickets were more popular than they really were (paid attendance was over 71,000) or maybe I hit Ticket Master at the right time.

Whatever the reason, Ticket Master now shows the Chiefs are a tougher ticket.

When asked for six tickets together for the San Francisco 49ers game, as I did last week before the Chargers game, it now gives me the best available seat in the upper deck, 39 rows back.

Maybe Ticket Master has some sort of system that I just don't understand and this means nothing.

Or maybe 2-0 means something in Kansas City.

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